JUDr. Karina Gőghová, PhD.

Profile of law firm

Law firm JUDr. Karina Gőghová, PhD. is a dynamically developing law firm with its head office in Komárno. In our law firm we provide complex legal services for domestic and foreign clients in Slovak, English and Hungarian language in all areas of law.

Founder JUDr. Karina Goghova, PhD. is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava, and at the age of 25 she successfully completed her dissertation as part of her doctoral studies in the criminal law field of study, for which she was awarded a PhD. degree ("philosophiae doctor"). In addition to legal practice, the doctor is also engaged in publishing and is the author of several publications published in legal journals and collections (e.g. Notitiae ex Academia Bratislavensi Iurisprudentiae, Police Theory and Practice).

„The law is the art of goodness and equity"
„Ius est ars boni et aequi.“ -- cit. Celsus

The attorney also successfully completed a Council of Europe course on "Human trafficking", for which she was awarded an international certificate. In our law firm we consider the exercise of the profession of an attorney to be a mission, and therefore we offer to our clients high level of professionalism, quality of legal services, individual approach and loyalty. 

We cooperate with several law firms based in the Slovak Republic, Hungary and the Czech Republic, as well as with several companies providing accounting, auditing and tax consulting. We effectively cooperate with notary offices, experts, surveyors, interpreters and translators. 

Our law firm has been providing legal services to renowned real estate agencies, debt management companies, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, as well as individuals and legal entities for several years. We regularly participate in lectures, seminars and courses organized in the Slovak Republic, as well as abroad for the purpose of continuous development and obtaining the latest information.

Legal services

Despite the fact that we perform legal practice in all areas of law, we focus mainly on the provision of legal services in the areas of civil law, commercial law, criminal law, employment law and administrative law.

As part of our legal practice, we also provide legal representation to clients during out-of-court negotiations, as well as legal representation in judicial and other proceedings. In order to communicate with public administration bodies (e.g. cadastre, trade licence office) as well as with courts and bailiffs, we regularly use a guaranteed conversion and qualified electronic signature, through which we submit proposals and other submissions in electronic form, thus saving our clients' time and costs.

Among other things, the law firm uses the option of recovering claims in reminder proceedings, in which the court issues a payment order within 10 working days of receiving the claim form, and the court fee for filing a claim is reduced by 50%.

At the same time, our law firm provides active representation of individuals and legal entities in petty offence and criminal proceedings, in the position of an accused or in other procedural position.

Civil law:

  • extrajudicial debt recovery, judicial debt recovery, debt recovery through a bailiff, and related representation in out-of-court negotiations, in court and enforcement proceedings
  • real estate law, transfers of ownership of immovable and movable property, establishment and exercise of liens, rise and discharge of easements, representation in cadastral proceedings
  • land law, law in the field of agricultural business
  • settlement of co-ownership and joint property, representation in out-of-court and court disputes between co-owners and joint owners
  • leases and subleases
  • consumer protection
  • claiming damages, damages for pain and suffering and compensation for difficulties with social reintegration, give off unjustified enrichment
  • divorce, care of minors, maintenance payment, other family disputes
  • representation of heirs in inheritance proceedings and in proceedings on newly discovered inheritance of a deceased
  • representation in disputes on the protection of personhood of individuals and disputes relating to unlawful use of a business name of legal entities and unlawful infringement of goodwill of legal entities, the right of reply, the right to rectification
  • establishment of civic associations and other legal entities under civil law.

Commercial law and company law:

  • preparation of legal opinions and legal advice in the area of business, legal assistance in obtaining authorizations, permits or licences for business, setting up companies, including preparation of complete legal documentation, changes in companies, dissolution of companies without liquidation or with liquidation, representation before trade licence office, other district offices, business register, ministries and other relevant bodies
  • contractual relationships between entrepreneurs, preparation of commercial contracts, analysis and commenting of contracts or other legal documents
  • national and international road transport, national and international waterway transport, legal assistance to obtain permits and licences in this area, complete preparation of legal documentation
  • extrajudicial debt recovery, judicial debt recovery, debt recovery through a bailiff, and related representation in out-of-court negotiations, in court and in enforcement proceedings
  • representation in case of suspicion of unfair competition conduct.

Employment law:

  • preparation of employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship and other legal acts according to the Labour Code
  • provision of complex legal advice to employers and employees in employment matters and representation in employment disputes
  • posting of employees, employment agency for remuneration

Criminal law:

  • defence of an accused throughout criminal proceedings
  • representation of an injured party in criminal proceedings
  • preparation of a criminal report and other submissions pursuant to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedural Code, including a request from the accused to rule that he has proved himself during the probationary period and a request to expunge the conviction, preparation of requests to waive the rest of the sentence, etc.

Administrative law:

  • representing clients before public administration bodies, ministries and other central state administration bodies
  • representation in petty offence proceedings, e.g. in the case of withdrawal of a driving licence and imposition of a sanction of a ban on driving motor vehicle
  • representation before traffic inspectorate
  • cadastral law, construction law
  • administrative judiciary - representation of individuals and legal entities in judicial proceedings (e.g. review of the legality of decisions of administrative authorities)

Price list

Our law firm provides legal services for remuneration in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Coll. on attorney fees and reimbursement for the provision of legal services.

Remuneration is determined as follows:

  • usually on the basis of an agreement between an attorney and his client on remuneration (so-called "contractual remuneration"),
  • or, in exceptional cases, if there is no agreement, on the basis of the relevant provisions of the decree on so-called tariff remuneration.


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